Best Nursery School in Jaipur

Age - 2 ½ Years to 3 ½ Years

Aim - Smooth transition to formal school

Method - Primarily playway with regular use of Montessori equipments.

The Montessori equipments aim to imporve the conceptual, academic, practical life and mathematical development of children. It focuses on enhancing the use of all five senses of children for exploration and learning.

Children learn and develop their skills in areas related to

Language, writing and reading, upper case A-Z, l-20,स्वर अ-अ:, readiness, Gross & Fine Motor and Physical, Social, Aesthetic, Creative, Value Education, Cognitive, Conceptual, Mathematical Sensory, General knowledge.

Syllabus for Nursery

  • Recognition - A-Z
  • Written - A-Z
  • Oral - A-Z
  • Recognition - स्वर अ-अ:
  • Written - स्वर अ-अ:
  • Oral - स्वर अ-अ: क से ज्ञ, कविताएं, अंगों के नाम, रंगों के नाम, जानवरों के नाम, हमारे सहायक, सप्ताह के दिनों के नाम, महीनों के नाम, गिनती 1 -10 तक
  • Written - 0-20 Counting
  • Oral - 0-20 Counting
  • Recognition of shapes.
GK Oral
  • Phonetics
  • Parts of Body
  • Colour's Name
  • Animal's Name
  • Our Helpers
  • Means Of Transport
  • Seasons
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Action Words
  • Fruit's Name
  • Vegetable's Name
  • General Questions
  • Rhymes

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