Why Us

Why Pre-School?

Many parents have this question - "Why is it necessary to send a child to a pre-school?

Pre-School has become a key stage in the development of a child for the following reasons:

  • The child gets into the discipline of attending a school much easier both for the child as well as the parent.
  • The child learns to interact with other children
  • There is development of the child's gross and fine motor skills leading to better physical and motor muscle development of the child.
  • It has been proven scientifically that children grasp more at an early age.
  • The child learns the basics of reading, writing and math. Hence, it is much easier for a child who has attended pre-school to get admission into a formal school.

Why the Ankur Pre School & Day Care?

  • We follow a combination of Montessori as well as Playway method. This method is found to be the most conducive for holistic education of children.
  • The play equipment and the material used are ideal for young children's learning.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Admissions taken throughout the year.
  • The teacher - child ratio ensures that each child is given individual attention.
  • Regular feedback sessions done with parents to keep them updated on the child's progress.
  • Last but not the least, our teachers are all trained and possionate about teaching young children.

We are building the future of Next Generation. Come , Join us !

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Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.